Skin polishing is one of the ways to enhance the beauty of skin. You can try skin polishing remedies either at visiting Kopper Salons.
Skin polishing generally refers to any form of exfoliation which removes the uppermost layer of skin, but can specifically refer to “microdermabrasion”, a cosmetic procedure intended to diminish aging and blemishes to the skin. Advocates of skin polishing claim that the process can brightens the tone of the skin, improve overall texture and even medicate some chronic skin conditions.

Face Skin Polishing 3,000
Back Skin Polishing 2,500
Hands Skin Polishing 2,000
Legs Skin Polishing 2,500
Under Arms 1,000
Half Back Poloshing 1,500
Full Body Polishing 5,000
Full Body Herbal Polishing 3,000