A nails salon or nails bar is a specialty beauty salon establishment that primarily offers nail care services such as nail cutting, gel nail extension and nail enhancements. Often, nail salons also offer skin care services like natural nail treatment, french gel nail polishing and acrylic nail extension.
Our Kopper Salon offer a variation of options for nail care. This includes acrylics, silk or fiberglass wraps, French manicures, polish, pedicures etc. Some nail salons are offering one-stop beauty services. In addition to nail services, these one-stop nail salons offer facial treatments, waxing, and skin care.

Nails Srevices
(Rates per ten nails)
Nail Cutting 50
Nail Filing 50
Nail Cleaning 150
Nail Polishing 100
French Nail Polish 250
French Gel Nail Polishing 500
Nail Refilling 1,500
Gel Nail Extension 3,000
Acrylic Nail Extension 3,000
Quick Dry 30
Natural Nail Treatment 250
Per Sitting Nail Art 300
Onwards Gel Top Coat 200