Creating a Beautiful World!

We are all about ‘delivering beauty and wellness on demand. We’ll help you sit back and relax a little more! That’s our promise. Kopper Salon provides a vast range of skin, beauty, hair, makeup and spa treatments by artists trained by experts . This wide range is complemented with technically perfect products to leave our customers totally satisfied. We safeguard our reputation as a leader and constantly sustain our relationship with our much-valued customers.
Now you needn’t go anywhere in search of beauty. Give us a call, sit back, and relax while our therapists ensure that happiness and beauty come knocking at your door! Our extensive range of fabulous feel-good and beauty treats are tailored to your needs, help you maintain productivity at work, add the finishing touch to your event, or help you create your dream pamper party.

Vivek Singh


Helping people fulfill their wish to stay beautiful and healthy by providing superior products and services is the kopper salon corporate goal.
The pursuit of beauty and health is common to people of all countries, generations, and eras. And though we have been providing services in these fields for many years.